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If God is willing and the creek don’t rise

Heading away from this darkness and into the deep.   The sharks loiter and sniff, feeling for the end of the rope.  Grape fruit sodas and lumpy lips.  The crisp blue scent of the egoist.  Tears of glory and a frozen cap, my subtle stream is coming back.  Help me find the strength to carry on.

The slow smooth drawl of our taxi man was like warm hands across my ears.  He went on about the night life and the food, but all I could hear was, “Welcome, darlin’.  Welcome.”

We grabbed a bunch of pitch forks and moved on toward the pile.  I was still being tormented by the spirits that had been there since the beginning of the day before, but I still did not acknowledge them at this point.  I was feeling too many things at once and I didn’t know well enough what was my own.  There was this pit in my heart that I couldn’t quite place.  My mind is still quaking in its wake, I’m still grasping at straws for my own identity.

I put everything I had into that pile, every last ounce of anger rage and sadness as well as joy and pride and strength.  I drew energies in from the surrounding ether, I let them flood through me and back into the earth.  I could feel the warm sun shining in on me but the cool winter’s final whispers kept me from feeling the burn.

All of the souls that I was reaching were no longer in the distant past or even in the graves or other bodies, they all came directly through me as i desperately struggled to re-integrate.  This is something that I work on constantly, I am in endless transition among all the many selves that exist within the over-all.  I pitched and forked and over hauled and I myself was lost when it was done.