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Pomegranate Heart


My heart is broken open
But less like an egg uncooked
And more like a ripened pomegranate.

I love the way we share in it.
While I pick seeds out one by one
You dive right in to devour me.
Here am I, plucking, like petals from a daisy
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
All the while watching u as u dig deep, only stopping sometimes to gaze back up at me.

Where am I in all of this, I wonder.
Where are we?
Sharing in our thirst for knowledge
Our call to creativity.

Your hands curl around my curves and corners
Swerving me this way and that
My eyes meet yours mid-movement and my whole being gets knocked back.

Back in time, back inside, into the depths of space and time
Where nothing exists like u and I but only us together.

Like cool cold walks on snowy roads
Or frozen hands holding inside temporary pocket homes.
Waters breaking waves crashing over stones but nothing -but silence and quiet moans- between Tibetan singing bowl tones.

I am forever heart shaped into you
Like cold fresh ice cream as it curls into a warm spoon.
Your eyes melt mine like the sun shines on icicles and makes dew

Like a bucket of delicious bites, I am 111 sweet and sour grapes
Just bursting from the vine for you

I feel for you
I want for you
I wait for you